About Us

We are a family owned and operated fine art photography business located on the scenic island of Kauai in Hawaii. Kauai is such a beautiful place, it’s hard not to be inspired! We all separately fell in love with photographing the great outdoors- dramatic landscape, coastlines, beaches, wildlife and plants, and even landmark structures. We see our photography as a way to share not just what we saw, but also what we felt. We hope our images evoke good memories, bring joy, and motivate our viewers to find their passion. Thank you for climbing into the lens with us and wandering around Kauai!

A little about the photographers:

Aloha! I’m the newest member of the Inspiring Images Hawaii team! I’ve been helping my mother (Debbie) and John out behind the scenes since 2013, and am now taking on more roles with the company. You’ll see me at resorts and select craft fairs selling our work, and out on trails taking more photos!

I have always loved photography, but it wasn’t until a trip to Africa in my 20’s that I became passionate about sharing with others the beauty I was seeing through the camera lens. I took a photojournalism course in South Africa but have always gravitated back to landscapes and nature photography. I’m very grateful for the opportunity to use my passion to inspire others!

-Carina Squire

Photography has been on the back burner since childhood for both of us. Separately, our image taking experience started in the state of Alaska and sparked again when we bought a digital camera shortly after we were married and living on Kauai.

We want people to climb into the lens with us and see what we see as we capture God’s world. How gratifying it is for us to watch people be pulled in and enjoy wandering around inside our images…that is why we are photographers.

-John and Debbie Barklow